Fitness That Fits You


1 on 1 in Personal Training

If your goal is to build muscle, burn fat, or grow stronger, I am the guy to help you achieve your goals! Our 1 on 1 meetings will be body weight training inspired (calisthenics). Training bodyweight will allow plenty of options for meeting places. We'll start off with a more beginner level training program and work our way up to an intermediate level, and eventually moving you up to adanced movements! You will have the opportunity to work on new skills while also becoming your greatest YOU!

Online Training

You will have the availability to communicate and discuss with me weekly! Detailed workouts and sample meal plans will be provided to keep you on track and closer to obtaining your goals. Online training will include body weight and resistance training workouts sent to you! This will also include brief videos on how to / form when completing each exercise. Ideas for stretching, mobility, and flexibility will also be shared to fuel your fitness goals!

Meal Planning

Sample meal plans will be provided. Initially, we will discuss what you are already eating and suggest any changes if necessary. Following our brief discussion we will evaluate how your food applies to your training: are you consuming enough calories? Are you consuming too many calories? When are you eating? What "type" of diet are following? 


I will set you up with the tools you need to reach your goals!

Outside Fun!

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