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Welcome to Fitness That Fits You!

Fitness That Fits You is a private personal training room in the Kensington area, provided by Debbra Hobbs Former co-owner of Kensington Fitness.

Debbra has over 40 years of coaching experience and specializes in training women or men over 40 or seniors new to fitness interested in staying mobile.  She enjoys teaching her clients how to live a healthy lifestyle through activity and nutrition.

Joining Debbra is Angela Penner, a former personal trainer from Kensington Fitness too! Angela has over 15 years of coaching experience paying special attention to teaching proper form and techniques.  She enjoys teaching her clients Bootcamp and different styles of training often taking an opportunity to train outdoors.

Cardio Training

Cardiovascular exercise is vital to a healthy body. Cardio training improves your heart's ability to pump blood through your body and helps lower your risk of heart disease.  It also aids in maintaining healthy body composition.  We teach our clients how and when to use our equipment to achieve the best results for their personal goals.  We have 4 pieces of cardio equipment a spin bike, recumbent bike, row machine, and treadmill.

Strength Training

If you could do anything to improve your health, strength training should be at the top of your list and can be participated in at any age.  Strength training helps you perform daily physical tasks, boost your metabolism, and help prevent bone loss.  We teach our clients how to weight train safely by teaching them to use proper form and techniques. 

About Us

Fitness That Fits You is our theme.  As private trainers, we are interested in helping clients achieve their individual goals.  Not all workouts are for all people, we strive to find the right exercise methods for each client's individual needs.

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Calgary, Alberta