All service are done in a private room with a trainer present at all times, there is no public use. 

           One on One Private Sessions

Private sessions allow trainers to design a unique personalized exercise plan for each client's specific health & fitness goals.  Everyone's health and fitness are as unique as they are.  The best results come from starting with each individual present state and working towards their personal goals.  Unlike big group training where everyone does the same exercises, personal training can effectively add or eliminate exercises based on each individual.


           Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-private sessions are very similar to private sessions. Each participant will have a complimentary assessment to establish their individual health and fitness goals. Our trainer will then design an exercise plan to suit each individual. The benefit to semi-private sessions is not only cost-saving but having a workout partner can often keep clients motivated to attend and work hard to get results.

Outdoor Gymnastics
           Outdoor Training


When weather permits don't be surprised if we go on a field trip to the park or on adventure walks.

We still maintain a private or semi-private training approach we just mix it up with some outdoor fun.

           Nutritional Advice


Our trainers can offer general nutritional advice but are not considered nutritionists.

With years of experience helping clients with their health and body composition changes, our trainers can advise clients on which nutritional information may suit them best.  Nutrition is as individual as each of our clients and must be advised that way.

Sanitizing Products
           Covid Safety


We are following government safety requirements.  All clients must be vaccinated, hands sanitized and equipment cleaned.