Hear from some of our clients:


"Debbra has been my Trainer for the past 5 years. As a senior, she is my external motivation. She amazes me how she is able to adapt and invent exercises to keep me fit and flexible.  I consider Debbra an investment in my future".

- Susan Nordean 2021


"I consider myself extremely lucky in having Debbra as my personal trainer.  She understands my fears, is extremely knowledgeable in the human anatomy, and can tailor a workout program to suit my current aches and pains.  She is very patient in reminding me of the dos and don’ts of exercising to avoid injury, and at the same time gently pushes me to my full potential.  Debbra shows a personal interest in my well-being and loves to celebrate my successes".
- Joyce Halpenny


"Working out with Angie was both fun and rewarding.  She helped me gain confidence and always kept me accountable. We always had a great time together and she made sure my knowledge of the equipment and proper posture was correct.  Angie's positive attitude and dedication to me were so inspiring.  She helped me clear my mind and stay focused on my personal well-being and overall health and fitness.  I never dreaded going to the gym and still to this day keep her in my thoughts as I workout in another town". 

- Amy D'Arcy 2021


"I had Angela as my personal trainer 3 times a week.  She helped me achieve my goals and made each session different and fun, we sure shared lots of laughs! Angela was super motivating and encouraging, she made me feel proud even of my smallest achievements and her positive attitude kept me going when I wanted to give up!  I highly recommend Angela to anyone wanting an awesome, fun, knowledgeable personal trainer"!

- Kristen Wolf


"Debbra is the best! She kindly and knowledgeably taught me how to become healthier and stronger. I felt safe in her workout routines which are varied and fun".

- Sarah 2021


"When I started with Debbra I had very poor posture, I was overweight, and had little to no experience with weight training. Debbra designed exercises for me to correct my posture on a daily basis and taught me proper weight lifting techniques. Today I am the fittest I have ever been, strong and with great posture. I recommend Debbra to anyone especially those with little experience as she was so knowledgeable in helping me learn how to workout properly with weights".

-Justin Gaylord 2021


"I have known Angela for decades she is a very compassionate and knowledgeable trainer. Her clients have achieved great results and spend their personal training sessions laughing and enjoying their time with Angela. As the owner of Kensington Fitness for 21 years when I was looking to start something new,  Angela was the first trainer I thought of to share my personal training room with. I look forward to 2022 and all that we will do together for our clients".

-Debbra Hobbs